Box body – technical features

Standard features:

  • intermediate frame with a bottom support, made from aluminium profiles or from steel with enhanced resistance, granulated and subsequently galvanised
  • body made from sandwich panels (laminate PUHD foam laminate) or in the frame construction with skin made from aluminium alloys, colour white RAL 9010
  • external walls of the box body have no fasteners: rivets, screws
  • rear doors, double-wing, made from laminate, 270-degree opening, foam insulation, fitted (internal paddle latch on the right wing, left wing – lock bolt, 2 hinges per wing) made from acid-proof steel (type 1.4301) locked with a key (customs lock with the possibility of applying the seal) internal walls are lined with battens made from waterproof plywood protecting the walls against mechanical damage
  • rear doors protected against mechanical damage with aluminium profiles
  • outline of the body made from aluminium profiles, anodised or painted white
  • the number of lightsources in the body depending on the internal length of the body
  • floor covered with waterproof anti-slip plywood
  • outline marker lamps fitted according to the applicable provisions of the Traffic Law
  • retractable rear-door access step
  • plastic wheel arches with mud flaps fitted above the rear-axle wheels
  • inner wall rail for load mounting
  • rubber bump stops at the frame of the rear door

Additional features:

  • side underride guards
  • side door with a step
  • roof spoiler and side fairing
  • plastic toolbox
  • external bar lock on the rear door
  • internal paddle latch on the left wing of the rear door
  • walls lined with full 6 mm plywood or upholstered